Opportunities in Trying Times

Lasting Change. Observant Capital Partners is here to help. We believe this pandemic has changed our world forever. Trends will accelerate. Whole new markets will emerge. Existing industries will be reshaped, and new approaches created as the risks inherent in our pre-Corona world (global supply chains, customer spending behaviors, decentralized and automated workforces, selling platforms, warehouse logistics etc.) have been made exceedingly transparent. We expect to see dozens of new market leaders created while many companies that are not structured for the change are not able to survive. We think it’s an excellent time to partner with companies.
We also believe the best companies will emerge from this pandemic and the accompanying depression even stronger. Workforce talent will be more accessible; money and other key resources will be directed to winners.

What We are Looking For
Assets with Real Value

Real businesses, real revenues

Our portfolio consists exclusively of hand-picked companies that have straightforward business models.  These businesses have a confirmed market, a solid product, and proven revenues.

High-probability growth in short time-frames

With our unmatched team of digital growth experts we know exactly how to take a good business and ramp it up to massive profitability, QUICKLY.  We know if something is working, or not – allowing us to dynamically allocate our resources with razor precision.

Special situations lead to incredible opportunity

Our unparalleled deal flow, coupled with deep valuation and structuring experience, allows us to purchase the best companies at the best prices.  A strong entry point is the first step in risk mitigation, value capture, and profit generation.

Who we are

Maxx Blank


    Maxx is the owner of MadisonBraids.com, a rapidly growing online brand with annualized sales of $15M.  Expert in all aspects of launching, growing and optimizing e-commerce businesses.

    Benyamin Clayman


      Benyamin is the founder of Israel Center for Entrepreneurship-Jerusalem that helped launch Weel.com.  Founder of multiple companies, investor in early stage tech startups, and experienced in turnarounds of struggling ecommerce brands.

      Boris (Boruch) Dvinsky


        Founder of Elaris Technologies – an Israeli R&D firm that creates algorithmic trading systems that utilize advanced data science techniques to identify profitable signals in data to trade financial markets.  Elaris’ portfolio strategy included among its investors some of the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers, and Ivy League endowments.

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